Really happy to share that I became professor of Cell Signalling and Genome stability at Heidelberg University. Many thanks to my colleagues at COS and the SFB1324, the former and current lab members, my mentors, family and friends


2022 has been a special year for the Acebrón lab.

1- After a long hiatus, we brought back the running spirit to the group during the Mannheim marathon.

2- We celebrated the Hella Bühler Price in recognition to our work in cancer biology.

3- The first two PhD students from the Acebrón lab defended their theses. I could not be prouder of Dr. Anja Bufe and Dr. Nicole Giebel!!

4- We managed to bring inspiring scientists at the COS symposium.

5- And many more great moments, including a new baby in the lab family, and restarting the traditional Christmas feast at home. We look forward to enjoying more exciting moments in 2023 together with our colleagues at COS and SFB1324

TropiCOS Party 2020

“TropiCOS” – This was the theme of the this years COStume party, that takes place every year at the Centre Of Organismal Studies (COS) Heidelberg. According to the theme we dressed as colourful poison dart frogs. Amazing decoration, costumes and drinks got us in the tropical mood and we had a great party together.

Team activity 2019

For our this year’s lab outing we went to a climbing forest -an areal with platforms in the trees, which are connected by ropes, zip lines and other little obstacles. Making our way through the parkours, we all reached our limits, but had a lot of fun and thrilling moments. At the end of this sportive challenge we were all looking forward to the barbecue, for which Sergio invited us to his house. We had (once again) very good food and let the day all together find a comfortable end.

NCT Run 2019

This year we and other colleagues from the 6th floor put together a team and participated in the NCT Run against cancer. Defying the heat and the crowds of people everyone successfully crossed the finish line and at the end we collected 22nd rounds for the good cause. In total 7 people participated in the round run, 4 people went for the 10 km and 2 people faced the 21 km run.
Let’s see whether we can beat this next year. 😉

Christmas Party 2018

…And another beautiful year has passed! We had a nice Christmas party and delicious home-made dinner at Sergio’s house with perfectly prepared pimientos de padrón, Spanish cheese, clams, butter chicken, panna cotta and of course adequate wines. We are ready to roll into the next year now.

The Acebrón Lab wishes you a merry Christmas!

#microCOSmos at the European Researchers’ Night

Did you know that you can use foldable microscopes and your smartphone to discover the microcosmos at 100-times magnification?

We teamed up with the Raissig group and the Engel group for the European Researchers’ Night in Heidelberg and packed our stations with Foldcopes. During few hours at Friday night, over 300 children and adults explored samples from nature including plant tissues and animal models such hydras, as well as cell culture samples such mouse embryonic stem cells and lung cancer cells. This #microCOSmos exploration could not be hosted in a better place: The incredible botanic garden of Heidelberg, which was illuminated with colourful LEDs and sparked with a great cocktail bar. We were also well-accompanied by the microscopes of the Nikon Imaging Center and the symbiosis station of the Guse lab, all part of the initiative of the Centre for Organismal Studies (COS Heidelberg) for the Nacht der Forschung Heidelberg.

We thank all the PhD researchers and master students that helped organising this activity!

You can see more images in twitter searching for #microCOSmos

Lab outing 2018

For our Summer lab outing, we decided to go canoeing at the Enz and Neckar rivers. Temperatures rose over 35°C and we finalised the 17 km exhausted (More distance if you consider the extreme zig-zagging that we pulled there with our chaotic canoe). A well-deserved BBQ with sausages, chorizos and vegetables was a perfect way to finish the day.