Christmas Party 2017

Two parties are better than one!

First, we celebrated Christmas with our colleagues at the 6th floor (Guse lab, Holstein lab). We enjoyed delicious self-made food and prepare the classic Feuerzangenbowle, which consists of rum soaked on sugar that is set on fire and poured into mulled wine (Pics below).

On the same week the Acebron lab met for a home-made dinner with the following menu:

  • Cold starters: French & Spanish Cheese, jamon Iberico, homemade Pesto & Aioli, steak carpaccio with mango, bread selection
  • Warm starters: Green peppers from Padron, grilled prawns.
  • Main dish: Cod Wellington sided with grilled vegies & tomatoes
  • Marinade: Beer, red & white Spanish wine, water and long drinks.

Somehow, we managed to eat all of it, as well as drink until 3 am without taking a single pic. So you have to trust us on that!

All in all, I ended up with a Group Leader emergency kit, which I highly appreciate! It really comes with everything:

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